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Meets monthly on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Family Room. All women are welcome!

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Christ Have Mercy:

How to Put Your Faith into Action

We are currently studying a book by Rev. Matthew Harrison, President of the LCMS, that reflects his time spent in the mission field while serving Lutheran World Relief and Human Care. Harrison writes:

Christ Have_Mercy"This is an unprecedented time of opportunity for the Church, and mercy is the key to seizing the moment. This book is written with the conviction that mercy - the mercy of Christ to and for us - and our demonstration of that mercy to those within and outside the Body of Christ is the key to the future of the Church. Mercy is the key to mission and stewardship. It is the key to living our Christian lives together in love and forgiveness. We desperately need to learn more deeply of the mercy of Christ so we may learn how to care for one another in the Church. Mercy is the key to moving boldly and confidently into the future with courage in the Gospel - a confidence and courage based on conviction."

Through Scripture study, real-life experiences, and the writings of the Lutheran Church Fathers, Harrison urges Christians to consider the innumerable opportunities we have to show mercy - to fellow Christians and to anyone God places in our path. 

 Downloadable Worksheets with Answer Keys

  1. Lord, Have Mercy; Christ Have Mercy; Lord Have Mercy ("Dear God, I've got an empty sack!") - Read pp.15-24. [Oct 1]
  2. Father, Son, and Spirit (Who God is and how we will be) - Read pp. 27-37. [Nov 5]
  3. Mercy Incarnate (Have this mind in you.) - Read pp. 39-48 [Jan 7]
  4. The Heart of Mercy's Heart (Justification.) - Read pp. 
  5. Baptized for This Moment (Water of life in a world of hurt.) - Read pp. 
  6. Spoken Free and Living Mercifully ("But do you forgive me, Dad?") - Read pp. 
  7. Christ's Body and Blood ("With might and main for our neighbor.") - Read pp. 
  8. Christ Cares for the Needy, Body and Soul (We are beggars - this is true.) - Read pp. 
  9. The Church: Holy and Whole (We're all in this together.) - Read pp. 
  10. God against God (Cross, suffering, and what God makes of it.) - Read pp. 
  11. Mercy, Money, and Missing the Stewardship Boat (Where the Church is in motion, there is mission, mercy, and money.) - Read pp. 
  12. Mercy and the Church's Confession (The Creeds and deeds.) - Read pp. 
  13. Mercy and Office (Administering the marks and marking the Church with mercy,.) - Read pp. 
  14. What is Lutheran Leadership (Reason serving the Gospel to get it done.) - Read pp. 
  15. Mercy in the City (A case for two-kingdom theology and cooperation in externals.) - Read pp. 
  16. Repentance, Word, Vocation, and the Courage to Be Lutheran and Merciful (Courage is fear that has been baptized.) - Read pp. 
  • Conclusion: It's Time to Dare Something for Mercy's Sake (The Time and the Word of God demand this.) - Read pp. 

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